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Started playing wow about OSRS gold

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    Oct 8

    Started playing wow about OSRS gold two months back and I truly do not understand the hype behind it. The game plays out just the same from lvl 1 to 120. There is hardly any variation in pursuit objectives, and because everything scales there is no challenge and no milestones to work towards. Osrs is better than wow in each section besides graphics.

    All non combat skills on 40 they dont create character increase like all battle skills on level 60. You pay 50 bucks for this and you're an ok player and you also have still unlimited stuff to do. You get all world quests and some member quests and you also update the graphics on Runescape3-level.

    These modifications are monetary not very expensive for tonnssss and how to make money on runescape 2018 jagex of players will give a try to this. And the players would also be pleased because there would be lots
    of players in Runescape.

    And lots of the Runescape3 players dont want to play osrs since they'd begin at level 1 and dont wish to replicate their grind. With this change they could also just buy a character boost: I think this would be a great idea. They did exactly the same in WoW and they're currently doing really good.