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Madden 19 Ultimate Team Playoff Performer Cards

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    January 25, 2019 6:50 AM GMT

    As with the past couple of days, Madden 19 Ultimate Team revealed a handful of new player cards as part of their ongoing playoff performers. The latest cards are comprised of special players in the past year who put within a strong effort to help their team out throughout the postseason. The newest drop incorporates two guys who are not participating this 2019 NFL playoffs but who had been contributors in a recent postseason.

    Madden 19 Ultimate Team Playoff Performer: Packers' Randall Cobb

    Not too long ago, Madden Ultimate Team dropped Playoff Wild Card stars. On Thursday, there are some brand new MUT Playoffs Performers in the past couple of years to verify the game for. The Madden Each day Drops on Twitch showcased each players inside a new video. They are limited availability player cards, but unquestionably are worth the grab primarily based on their ratings.

    Very first up is Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb. The talented Green Bay receiver was a part of Packers' playoff runs in 2014, 15, and 16. In his most current of these (2016), he had 18-of-24 passes for 260 yards and three touchdowns.

    As observed above, Cobb brings a stellar bunch of expertise ratings like that 95 Catching, 94 Brief Route Run, and also the 93 Speed. All of that ends up assisting to provide him madden coins a 95 all round player card. That really should give a solid boost to Madden Ultimate Team rosters in will need of a steady wide receiver.

    Madden 19 Ultimate Team Playoff Performer: Jaguars' Jalen Ramsey

    The Jaguars' Jalen Ramsey is another new Ultimate Team Playoff Performer card to look for. The talented corner was a star for the Jacksonville squad that practically dethroned Tom Brady and also the New England Patriots final postseason.

    Ramsey appeared in three games during the 2017 NFL Playoffs. He'd find yourself with an interception and seven solo tackles, as well as an assisted tackle for the duration of that time. Obtaining him roaming the field as AFC QBs tried to connect with their receivers was a major assistance for the Jags' run.

    Ramsey also gets a 95 all round player card. It consists of 90 ratings across the board as well. As observed above, his finest capabilities incorporate a 95 Press, 94 Man Coverage, 94 Acceleration, and 93 Zone Coverage. That is a fantastic addition for your roster if you are attempting to avert those big passing plays down the field.

    The Madden Ultimate Team Playoff Performer cards are available for a restricted time. Even so, they join a entertaining NFL Playoffs event which is ongoing within the game. Gamers can log into Ultimate Team and total team challenges for NFL Playoff contender teams this postseason to earn mut 19 coins wonderful rewards.

    Will you be going for the Randall Cobb or Jalen Ramsey card? Verify out a lot more of the most current Madden 19 news right here.