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Application of pvc underpad

  • December 31, 2021 5:48 AM GMT

    The pvc underpad can be used with diapers to increase the amount of urine absorbed. When the patient has a large amount of excrement leakage, they can choose to use the medical care pvc underpad. The main characteristics of medical pvc underpads are large absorption capacity and large area, and there are many types that can be selected.

    In the process of clinical care, patients who have long-term indwelling catheters are often encountered. Long-term bedridden patients have a lot of secretions at the place where the catheter is placed, and the catheter needs to be replaced regularly, which not only increases the patient's pain but also increases the risk of infection. For the care of such special patients, the use of pvc underpads will be safer and more hygienic.

    Usage of pvc underpad

    1 Material preparation:

    Medical pvc underpad, toilet paper, 1 bath towel.

    2How to use:

    The high-elastic breathable membrane surface of the medical pvc underpad is the use surface, and two layers of toilet paper are laid horizontally on the surface and placed on the patient's sacrum. Then spread a bath towel on the patient's lower abdomen, and then lift the excess changing pads on the left and right sides to make them close to the hips. Then stick the bath towels tightly on the left and right sides of the urine. Tuck the excess ends of the bath towel under your body.

    After the pvc underpad absorbs water, it will no longer seep. But usually pvc underpads are not as soft and airtight as quilts, which affect the skin. The skin also needs to breathe. Moreover, the surface layer of the pvc underpad needs to lock water to keep the surface dry. Some cushions have absorbed water, but the surface is still wet, just as if they did not absorb water. Because the skin has always been in this environment, the acidic substances in the excrement will cause the skin in this environment to produce urinary incontinence dermatitis for a long time, and then form pressure sores. Therefore, turn over care for the elderly is often given.

    3 advantages:

    This method is simple and convenient. It is suitable for long-term bedridden patients. In addition, this method cuts off the infection route. It can effectively alleviate the suffering of patients and is suitable for home care.

    pvc underpad

    How to choose pvc underpad?

    1. When choosing the bottom cushion, not only the water absorption of the pvc bottom cushion, whether it is skin-friendly, whether the surface is dry, but also the size should be considered. In order not to pollute the mattress below, we should choose the size of the pvc bottom cushion according to the user's body type. If the size is large, we should choose a larger pvc bottom cushion, if the size is small, we should choose a smaller pvc bottom cushion.

    2. Choose a guaranteed pvc underpad brand, and check the product's safety test report. YEARSTAR is a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of medical rehabilitation products. The pvc underpad produced is of quality assurance, welcome to consult!

    3. Confirm whether the merchant has a professional design team, and check whether the structural design of the pvc underpad meets the design standard of a good septum.

    Pvc underpads have the advantages of wear resistance, colorfastness and waterproofing. Medical pvc underpads are very suitable for long-term bedridden patients. If you have more questions about medical care pvc underpads, please contact Yearstar!

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