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Fortnite Could Run at 60fps on iPhone X

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    January 15, 2019 6:44 AM GMT

    Fortnite for iPhone X could run at 60fps but Epic Games will not enable it. According to the Fortnite developer, the iPhone X A11 Bionic SoC is as much as the job, possessing the capacity to create per-frame rendering instances in-line for what is required to run Fortnite at 60fps. Even so Fortnite is capped at 30fps as an alternative. A perplexing selection when you consider that last year's iPad Pro can run the game at 60fps. It appears that raw energy alone isn't the only aspect when deciding Fortnite's frame price on mobile devices like the iPhone X. Within a breakdown of Fortnite's 60fps functionality on iOS devices, Digital Foundry explains that Epic Games had to buy Fortnite Items help keep the iPhone X's thermals in verify too.

    "Based on conversations with Epic Games, last year's iPhone X can - in theory - run Fortnite at 60 frames per second," the report reads.

    "According for the developer, per-frame rendering occasions vary amongst eight to 16ms. In far more complicated scenarios it could be tight, but that's quickly enough to hit 60 frames per second for the majority of the game's duration. Nevertheless, the reality is the fact that running the last-gen A11 Bionic flat-out would overheat the device, leading to reduced CPU and GPU clocks, severely impacted efficiency and extremely compromised battery life. Epic's solution is simple then - lock to 30fps and in the course of action give the device the thermal headroom to keep cool enough to run at peak frequencies."

    Following the announcement of Fortnite Team Rumble LTM via the Fortnite 6.31 update, Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite Mobile on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR now runs at 60fps. What this indicates is, in the event you play Fortnite Mobile on iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR, you will have the highest doable frame rate Fortnite has to give on mobile devices. Although this functionality upgrade did not make it into the Fortnite 6.31 update patch notes, Epic Games employees took to Twitter to confirm the news.

    "Not confident why it did not make it in to today's patch notes, but in case you play Fortnite on an iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, you could now play at 60fps," tweeted Epic's Nick Chester. "That's an impressive technical achievement by the group and it looks wonderful! Turn it on inside the possibilities."

    Naturally some wondered why recent devices like the iPhone X hasn't got the 60fps choice. Chester didn't pretty rule it out in the time.

    "Performance is constrained by hardware, and the devices listed and more highly effective than the X," he tweeted. "That mentioned, the team is often looking at strategies to get much better functionality on all devices all the time!"

    While it's unlikely that the iPhone X will see 60fps help in light of the Digital Foundry report, it will be interesting to determine if and when Android devices get the cheap Fortnite Items equivalent feature, allowing for silky smooth gameplay.