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Dance amongst 3 ice sculptures Fortnite Challenge guide

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    April 26, 2019 8:04 AM BST


    Fortnite's challenges for season eight week 9 are here, and one's all about dancing. This challenge sends players to dance in a handful of areas about the map: amongst 3 ice sculptures, amongst three dinosaurs, and among 4 hot springs.

    To begin off with, it's significant to understand where each of those places is, so here's a map to assist out. You'll must do each step in order, so land in the sculptures, then the dinosaurs, then the hot springs.

    For this challenge, you'll have to land in between the 3 figures produced of ice which might be just southwest of Polar Peak. Once you land there, just use your favorite emote and you'll be good to go.

    DANCE In between 3 DINOSAURS
    For this portion, you'll be searching for the dinosaurs within the southeast corner of the map. They're inside the desert along the road toward the west.

    This a part of the challenge will take you all the approach to the north on the north of Fortnite's can buy Fortnite Items at, The hot springs are northwest from the volcano and shouldn't be also really hard to find.