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Path of Exile: Is Delve Overpowered?

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    January 15, 2019 6:21 AM GMT

    Now that Betrayal has been out for practically a month, it really is time to talk about a pressing power-creep issue: Delve League is overpowered. Now that it is actually a permanent addition to Path of Exile, it really is time we address the fact that delving is strictly stronger than any other method of leveling, and is also a great approach to acquire poe currency. In fact, there genuinely is not a huge downside to it.

    How Delve League Was Balanced

    The reason that Delve is so sturdy is that it really is balanced around quite a few factors. The very first is the fact that the monsters infinitely level, which means that delving down towards the depths where loot is plentiful requires an extremely robust character. Additionally, it charges additional sulphite the additional down you delve, which is another way that it really is balanced.

    The most significant way that delving is balanced is by way of the regulation of sulphite. Sulphite can only be identified from Niko spawning on a map. This implies you will encounter him once a day via everyday missions, sometimes through new each day missions that appear as you map, and random encounters.

    Even so, you may also force him to spawn by using a Cartography Scarab, that are dropped by Syndicate members. This way you may essentially buy poe currency sulphite in significantly higher quantities than you could possibly have accumulated inside the Delve league itself.

    Delve is an amazing mechanic, but locking it behind purchasable Scarabs is definitely an unfortunate and boring way of locking out content material. It makes it exclusive to those that can afford it, at a value that may be controlled by elite players.

    On the other side, flare farming is far too accessible and quick, and allows players to blast by way of levels with no a great deal care or expense, avoiding all challenging interactions and randomness.

    I extremely expect to find out both of those mechanics modify inside the coming leagues, as they bring about very a bit of marketplace manipulation and watered-down elitism. All this mentioned, Delve is probably the most effective mechanic in Path of Exile. It just demands a bit of tweaking!