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Fortnite: Loot Lake Is Now A Giant, Mysterious Hatch

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    April 18, 2019 7:58 AM BST


    So, earlier inside the week the diggers that had been tearing up the map elsewhere in Fortnite: Battle Royale converged on Loot Lake, standing prepared to have something important going, but without the need of any actual indication of what that could be. And now, just a number of days later,buy Fortnite Items have...progressed. Rapidly. When you go over to Loot Lake at the moment, you'll notice that it looks what you may call distinctive. Here's a screenshot:

    Like I said, it is a major alter. The Lake party of Loot Lake is now just about entirely gone, replaced by a high-tech Fortnite Weapons analysis facility that looks straight out of Season four. Within the center we've got the primary occasion: a giant, indestructible metal hatch, from that will spill what eldritch horrors we can't say. For right now, that's all that's going on, but the web is rife with speculation about what is going to occur with it.

    First off, Loot Lake was exactly where the Cube exploded to form cube-henge, and so so the region is currently steeped in purple cube magic. Does whatever is underneath that hatch have anything to accomplish with Kevin the Cube, who terrorized the map via Seasons 5+6? It appears likely that this can be also tied to Ruin, the reward skin for the discovery challenge that's displaying up tomorrow. Ruin is observed coming out of a sort dig site/underground hole in his loading screen, and so it really is not impossible to think about that he'll be coming out of there in some way, shape or kind.

    It seems that we are able to say with near 100% certainty that this really is somehow tied to an in-game Fortnite Items event, probably coming this weekend or subsequent weekend. The new patch just dumped a ton of event files in to the game that dataminers are nonetheless poring by means of now, but folks like Lucas7Yoshi are finding files that hint at ice shields, lasers, gateways and more. What it all points to is unclear, but I are inclined to nevertheless think that we're going to find out a planet boss show up this season, with every person inside the game shooting at the identical fearsome beast in an effort to take it down. At this point, I am going to go ahead and guess that this issue is going to come out of this hatch ideal here. It is large adequate for a thing huge.