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Classification of paper

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    April 17, 2019 4:14 AM BST

    Cultural paper: information transmission, cultural heritage, so there is a close relationship with the printing industry, common cultural paper such as coated paper, light coated paper, Dorian paper, news paper, biblical paper, and so on.

    Industrial paper: paper or paperboard used to make cartons, cups, paper plates, etc., which is called industrial paper because it needs to be added again. Common industrial paper such as Kraft paper, corrugated paper, coated white paper, coloured cardboard, etc.

    Packaging paper: paper bags, shopping bags, paper bags, common packaging paper such as cellophane, wrapping paper, bag Kraft paper and so on.

    Household paper: related to health care or home life, such as toilet paper, tissue paper, diapers, napkins, paper towels, medical paper, etc.

    Information paper: Japan calls it intelligence paper. Because of the rise of office automation and computer list machine, it is a rapidly developing paper, such as non-carbon copy paper, photocopying paper, computer report paper, heat-sensitive recording paper (e. G. Fax paper) Electrostatic recording paper, etc.

    Special paper: paper made for special purposes, such as cotton paper, rice paper, oil proof paper, antirust paper, banknote paper, etc.

    Cultural Paper: coated Paper, Dalin Paper, Mould Paper, Certificate Paper, Printing Paper, drawing Paper, poster Paper, typing Paper, Biblical Paper, Postal Seal Paper, cigarette Paper, Grassin Paper, newsprint, etc.

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