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Final Fantasy XIV's Wedding Service in True Life Is Super Cute

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    February 26, 2019 8:17 AM GMT

    It's not a mystery that MMORPGs often play the function of a matchmaker, with lots of relationships in between players becoming anything really more "real" in the physical globe. Final Fantasy XIV is no an exception.

    We've reported a while ago concerning the announcement in the creation of a Final Fantasy XIV true life wedding service to buy FFXIV Gil to become opened in Kobe, Japan. On the Valentine's Day, Square Enix hosted a test ceremony for the Japanese media, which was incredibly friendly and supplied us with a large amount of photographs and new information and facts in regards to the service, that will open reservations within the subsequent handful of weeks.

    Listed here are some details for you to peruse.

    Both the wedding dress and tuxedo for the bride and groom are modeled just after the FFXIV in-game models.
    Quite a few in-game assets are used as background photos and video to decorate the proceedings and bring the Eternal Bonding ceremony to life.
    Bridge/Groom are able to carry the job weapon of their option (replicas from in-game models) throughout the proceedings.
    FFXIV music is played throughout the procession.
    A FFXIV themed cake can also be part of the package, and there is a full menu for the reception with FFXIV-themed food and drink.
    According to a press session following the ceremony, a normal strategy for the FFXIV Wedding Service with 70 guests would run about three.5mm Yen / $31,500.

    That is certainly not extremely low-priced, but it needs to be probably the most important day of one's life, and likely the geekiest, so it could be worth it pretty effectively.

    If you'd like to acquire to know far more about Final Fantasy XIV and its upcoming expansion Shadowbringers, you are able to verify out the official trailer and Gunbreaker's function, at the same time as the reveal of your new areas, Viera race, YorHa raid, and so on., some official screenshots and art pieces released soon after the keynote, and a few excellent new artwork.

    If you'd like to become prepared before its release, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is presently obtainable for PS4 and Computer, and there are actually some updates coming, including a Final Fantasy XV Crossover. The expansion will officially launch for PS4 and Pc on July two. Gamers can check out additional news and get the least expensive FFXIV Gil safely and speedily at skilled web-site