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How large could be the Atlas game map?

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    February 14, 2019 7:43 AM GMT

    Atlas is an ambitious massively multiplayer on the internet (MMO) game of just about unprecedented scale. So precisely how substantial will be the Atlas map compared with Grapeshot Games' other title Ark: Survival Evolved?

    Atlas may be the most current title released by Grapeshot Games, the maker of your action-adventure Ark: Survival Evolved game. Atlas is really a piracy game of apparently unprecedented scale - it's stated to be in a position to accommodate 40,000 players at when. Released in December last year, Atlas remains an Early Access Game, having said that this has not impacted on the sheer scale on the map.

    There is a lot to maintain you occupied inside the most current release by Grapeshot Games, from sailing, civilisation-building and naturally exploring one of several largest-ever on-line game worlds.

    And you'll find clear comparisons with Grapeshot's other title Ark: Survival Evolved.

    Ark: Survival proved well-liked with players due to the quantity of things to maintain you occupied.

    Gamers racked-up hundreds of hours traversing Ark's huge map and still finding Atlas Items new issues to do.

    And Atlas' map is even bigger, which means gamers have even more to maintain them entertained.