How to Send a Legal Notice?

  • If talking about legal notice then you should understand it is a formal communication to one or company informing him that you plan to undertake legal actions against her/his. It is an important step that is taken before filing a lawsuit, and is intended to warn the other party that legal notice may be taken next to her/him, in case they fails to submit with some particular condition.

    When we can send a Legal Notice?

    In some cases where I want to send legal notices and these cases are Dishonour of Cheque, Property disputes, Family disputes regarding distributions of asset, conflicts between Husband / Wife as a caution before taking legal action next to the spouse, client cases and complaints where wage/salary commitments are not effectively met. You can send these notice only if when you are fully aware about exact legal notice format.

    Process for sending a Legal Notice

    Most of the times we don’t understand the legal meaning and importance of the exact words that we use in a casual way, contacting a capable lawyer assists in drafting the legal notice format for cheque bounce. Great care is taken regarding the words choice and used language and measures of care about not declaring any fact that you may later be left without in a court case.  When the legal notice is send off than you can’t make any transformation in that and later on even you can’t make any clashing statement from what you have previously stated in a legal notice. It is sent on a simple paper or on the lawyer’s letterhead.

    1. You can contact with a lawyer who have good skills in drafting a legal notice, the legal notice can be sent in any Language, normally English is been the best option. The legal notice must be addressed to one against whom you have the complaints.
    2. In your discussion session with the experienced lawyer, please give details about the information with parties’ names; date, address when promises were made and not privileged, issues faced and challenges, any earlier attempts of conversation etc…

         Mainly in case of dispute between husband-wife, in my personal knowledge I have noticed a legal notice          generally brings the spouse for compromise and in some cases disputes are completely resolved through mutual consent or counseling.

    1. The professional lawyer cautiously studies your shared information, makes required and relevant notes in the discussion with you and seeks any added information if needed.
    2. Then the lawyer drafts the legal notice in a proper language clearly discussing about the reason for notice sending, all earlier communications about the reason of notice and send to the addressee a sensible time say the time of 15 days or 30 days or one month to settle the issue by negotiating and by doing the preferred action.
    3. The legal notice is fully signed by both the lawyer and the client and is either sent through Registered Courier or Post and confirms the receiving is retained. Generally a notice copy is kept by the lawyer.