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    Ascs are solid for GWD2, Rax, and great for Nex. Nox Bow isn't worth the money, if you wanted a weapon to help step you between what you have now and Ascs, Wyvern Cbow would be my recommendation. As for armor, the top priority for ranged armor after Armadyl is actually Nightmare Gauntlets.

    Commenting just to lend support to the validity of these EHP rates. They are very up to date with the current meta. There are already a lot of issues with the current EHP values several xp/hr rates are over 25% higher or lower than they should be, and one in particular is nearly 350% higher than it should be (smithing is currently set to 1.2m/hr).

    My first ever constructed event was 7 1 (i think, was definitely 7 wins tho). I had like a day of experience. Now I usually get like 5 wins and i positive it because MTGA is trying to make me keep playing. It doesn matter. Some higher up like Osborne or Mark will put up a comment/blog post over the next few days

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