Parris started 41 games at FCS-level Stony Brook

  •  and earned respect from scouts Bryce Love Washington Redskins Jersey , but he missed the final five games of 2017 with a fractured fibula in his right leg.The injury kept him sidelined for the Senior Bowl.— Dane Brugler, NFL DraftScout.comParris is a developmental prospect with medical concerns that couldcause him to drop some, but he has the potential to move inside andbecome a solid backup guard with eventual starter ability if healthy.— Lance Zierlein, NFL analystBackground infoI’ve seen two draft projections on Parris — one that projected him as 5th to 6th round, and the other as a 7th rounder.At least one analyst suggested that he would have likely been drafted had he not suffered the fracture in his right leg late in his senior season.Parris may be one of the better UDFA linemen available this season.While he played in the Colonial Athletic Association and suffered the late season injury, Parris had caught the eye of scouts early.He was, for instance, invited to the Scouting Combine and the Senior Bowl, and may be an excellent Practice Squad candidate that will benefit from a year or two of coaching, along with strength and conditioning work to develop into a proficient NFL lineman.Timon Parris was an offensive tackle in college, but projects as a guard at the NFL level.In 2017 Parris started the first eight games of the season before hesuffered a season-ending leg injury in the first half at Richmond.He wasthe top performer on the Seawolves’ offensive line that helped StonyBrook average 29.2 points and 351.2 yards per game.The Seawolvesranked fifth in the CAA in rushing (161.2 ypg) and had three backs whorushed for over 400 yards.Parris earned AFCA first team All-America honorsand was also named second team Associated Press, second team STATS FCS and second team by Phil Steele.He was also named first team All-CAA Football for the third straight season.Parris is a good looking physical specimen with thick arms and weightdistributed properly throughout his frame. While he has a tendency tolose his knee bend and overall pad level too often, it’s hard to ignorehis impressive foot quickness in his pass sets. Even with those prettyfeet, his delayed punch and propensity to play too far out over his toescould cause a balance issue that coaches will need to correct.Here’s an excellent personal interview with Timon Parris.He seems like a pleasant, serious young man with a good story.MeasurablesBecause of his leg injury, the only event Parris participated in at the Combine was the bench press, where he put up 27 reps.Let’s find out what Gibbs4potus saw on film:From basketball to football, Parris brings powerInconsistency that can be improved through coachingHow would he fit with the Redskins? He might be cheaper than you think"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Looks Like Someone Has A Sixpack Of The MondaysDaily SlopRedskins RecapsESTShareTweetShareShareHow much salary cap space would be used in a trade for Josh Rosen?Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY SportsThe question of “How much would you trade for Josh Rosen?” is one that splits fans into different and divided camps, and the answer depends on how you see him.Some see him as a failed NFL QB being dumped by his team and figure he’s worth nothing at all.Others see him as a talented player who was in a terrible situation as a rookie Bryce Love Washington Redskins Jersey , and see him as a great opportunity for the Redskins.If you think Rosen has any shot at being an NFL quarterback, and you might be open to the idea of trading for him, then a key part of evaluating his value to the Redskins, who have around $20m per year in salary cap space devoted to Alex Smith in 2019 and 2020, is understanding how much salary cap space Rosen would eat up.The answer might surprise you.I read one very informed Redskins fan suggest this week that Rosen would cost the Redskins “a hair below $5m” per season for the next three years.In other words, he was thinking that Rosen might cost the Redskins a total of around $15m in his remaining contract.Due to the magic of NFL salary cap rules, this isn’t quite right.See, when a player is traded, the signing bonus he received is charged in full to the team that paid it to him (in Rosen’s case, the Cardinals), and the team that receives the player only takes on the unpaid portion of his remaining contract.So, what does Rosen’s contract look like?Everything in that “Prorated Bonus” column belongs to the Cardinals.There is nothing they do can make it go away.The $480,000 base salary in 2017 is already gone too.The Redskins, if they traded for Rosen, would inherit the remaining portion of his contract.$17,597,760 - 10,878,372 - 480 Bryce Love Jersey 2019 ,000 = $6,239,388Washington would get Rosen’s services for three years at a total of just over $6.2m.Here’s the breakdown of salary cap hits:2019 = 1,279,8982020 = 2,079,7962021 = 2,879,694If you feel that Rosen is just a bad quarterback, then it doesn’t really matter how little salary cap space he will use up; I understand that.For fans who see him as competent or better, then it might be important to realize that Rosen’s contract for three years would cost the Redskins about $500,000 less than they will pay Colt McCoy for two years (2018-19), in which McCoy will earn $6.7m.Rosen’s contract will make him dirt cheap, which means that, if all he ever accomplishes is to become a backup-level NFL quarterback, his contract won’t be out of whack.Okay, feel free to get back to the argument over how much this cheap quarterback is worth in trade value.