How to get a treasure box in MapleStory M


    The steadily moving factor is an accurate understanding of how much MapleStory M costs, especially in terms of resources. Where to Buy Maplestory Mobile Mesos? MMOAH website is not bad. Although rich in resources, it can only provide limited resources. We don't want to save money on issues that may be free. The devices in Maple Story M are the products you need, but you don't have to buy them directly. There are several other ways to get equipment from a treasure chest. This is how to have a treasure box in MapleStory M.

    Players get a free treasure box every day. Simply go to the Cash Shop and redeem the treasure chest on the menu showing the supplier's product access. The first time is free, and each box must have Mesos. Maplestory Mobile Mesos can even be purchased from the MMOAH website at a much cheaper price. Keep in mind that although Meso is very rich in MapleStory M, you can find that the purchase price of items, equipment and all other items is quite high, especially at the beginning of the game. To save on using your currency, don't wear too many treasure chests, which is tempting.

    It's worth noting that equipment can even be used as a reward for completing elite dungeons, so you can get new characters without delay, so you can take advantage of these dungeons and find rewards, not like gambling.

    Here you need to know how to get the treasure box in MapleStory M. For more information, guides and tips on Maplestory M Mesos for the entire game, please visit the MMOAH website.