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How much does it cost to install a 4g gps tracking device in a

  • There are many types of 4g gps tracking devices, useful in cars, elderly and children, as well as pets and object positioning...Different uses, functions, and prices are also different. Now this article will explain how much it costs to install a 4g gps tracking device for use in a car.

    The cost of the on-board 4g gps tracking device includes three parts: device terminal, software platform, and SIM card cost

    1. Equipment terminal price The locator used in the car is divided into two types: wired and wireless. The price of the wired 4g gps tracking device for ordinary cars is between 100-200 yuan, and the wireless 4g gps tracking device is between 200-300; if it is a truck, two passengers and one danger, etc., the dedicated 4g gps tracking device costs 800-1000 Yuan. Why is the price difference so big? In addition to the difference in brand quality, different cars have different functional design requirements. For example, the wired 4g gps tracking device used in ordinary cars has real-time positioning, track playback query, electronic fence, low-power alarm, etc., which are more practical functions, but it has shortcomings and requires wiring installation, which is not safe for ordinary people. Go to a special repair shop to install it; the wireless 4g gps tracking device is better than no wiring, no installation, and you can locate it when you put it in the car. Good news for lazy people; and 4g for trucks, two-passenger and one-distressed vehicles. The gps tracking device is a dedicated locator. It is a satellite positioning device that needs to be connected to the transportation management system of the Ministry of Transport. It has complete functions, such as SOS alarm, speeding alarm, fatigue driving alarm, dismantling alarm, video surveillance... So, in the price It's not cheap.

    2. The GPS platform management fee platform is a place for users to view new vehicle information. Through this platform, users can also directly set various parameters, such as the size of the electronic fence, car fortification, disarming, etc., and can also use 4g gps tracking device The platform directly issues commands to the positioner remotely, such as a remote cut-off and power-off command. Once the command is issued, the car will enter the stalled state. If you want to cancel it, you can also cancel it on the platform. Different companies use different software platforms, and the cost ranges from 60 to 200 yuan per year.

    3. SIM card fee The SIM card is installed on the device terminal to ensure the normal communication and data transmission of the locator. Unlike the sim card used by ordinary mobile phone cards, it can be used as long as it has a data function, so the monthly package fee is relatively low.

    So, how much money is needed to assemble a 4g gps tracking device, calculate it by yourself based on the above.