Flood Light Manufacturers Share The Direction Of Led Lights

  • Today, the Flood Lightmanufacturer is here to teach you how to tell the quality of LED lights.

    1. Observe the power factor of the LED lamp. The lower the power factor, the poorer the driving power supply and circuit design used by the LED, which will greatly reduce the service life of the LED lamp.

    2. Look at the quality of the lamp bead used by the LED lamp, because the quality of the lamp bead directly determines the quality of the LED lamp, and the quality of the lamp bead determines the quality of the chip and the packaging technology.

    3. Look at the light effect of the LED light. If the LED light is the same light bead, the higher the light effect, the higher the brightness; if the brightness is the same, the less power consumption, the LED light The more energy efficient.

    4. Look at the heat dissipation of the LED lamp. If the lamp bead is at a high temperature, the light decay will become very large, which will shorten the life of the LED lamp and affect its lighting effect.

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