Led Work Light Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of P

  • At present, LED work lights are divided into hand-held, portable, portable mobile, self-generating large lamps and other types. The Led Work Light manufacturer describes several fixtures commonly used in the job.

    Personal hand-held and hand-held work lights typically have high power, adjustable headlight angle, magnetic attraction and hands-free operation. It is generally designed as a multifunctional glare magnetic work light, which is a personal work light that is typically used for daily maintenance of the power grid. The bottom is equipped with strong magnetism and can be easily adsorbed on various ferrous metals.

    Large-scale lighting work lights are generally used in large, long-term emergency construction sites. This site is usually not equipped with utility power and must be equipped with a self-powered generator. The generator power matches the luminaire.

    Portable mobile work lights are standard equipment for attendance. Lightly loaded, it can be placed on a small construction site to meet the needs of on-site emergency lighting.

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