100w Led Flood Light Manufacturers Share Eye Protection Options

  • Today, 100w Led Flood light manufacturers come to share what kind of light is the best protection for vision?

    First, the lamps that are good for vision have electric heating lamps, high-frequency lamps, LED desk lamps, and DC eye protection lamps.
    Second, the lighting requirements:
    1, the light continues uninterrupted, no dark and dark changes in a short time, no stroboscopic.

    2, the color temperature is about 4000 ~ 4600K, the color temperature is moderate, the light is soft with a little yellow, more suitable for reading needs; the color temperature is about 4700 ~ 5500K, the color temperature is high, the light glare is white. At dusk, the color temperature of the sun is 2000K-3000K, the color temperature is too low and too yellow; at noon, the color temperature of the sun is close to 7000K, the color temperature is too high, too bright and too glaring.

    3, is scattered light, large illumination area, no strong contrast shadow.

    4, Spectral continuity: mixed light composed of a plurality of visible light in a certain proportion, non-monochromatic light.

    5, direct sunlight and natural light close to the window is usually very strong, it is not suitable to read and write in this light for a long time.

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