Can’t send e-mail using opt Online or other ISPs

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    If you are unable to send emails using your Optimum Online (Opt online) and also can’t send emails through another Internet Service Providers (ISPs) but only you receive an error message stating “cannot send outgoing mail due to Port 25 being blocked”, you need to worry because this issue is related with your Internet Service provider (ISP) and reading this article and following the steps you can resolve your issue easily. In other cases, you can also call to Optimum Customer Service Number for maximum support from the expert community.

    How to send emails if ISP is blocking the Port 25?

    If your ISP is blocking the Port 25 you can use Port 587. But if you cannot use 587 there are other options you can try. Look at the blow methods to fix the issue:

    Method 1. Send via port 857

    Many ISPs from some regions allows you to send emails using Port 587. If you’re a laptop user it will be more convenient for you to send emails via Port 857 because laptop users use multiple ISPs. In case your ISP block the Port 25 using Port 857.

    Method 2. Change outgoing mail server

    In case you are not able to send email using Port 587 and also don’t want to change to Bower Web hosting then another option is left for you to change outgoing mail server to your ISPs. To process this method you can change “” or “” to an SMTP mail server that is provided by your ISP. Using this method you can resume your email services.

    How to set up an outgoing server to your ISPs in your outlook or live mail?

    You can easily set up an outgoing server to your ISPs. To process this method you need to follow these steps given below:

    • In the Tool, menu choose the option “Accounts…”
    • Select your email account from mail tab and click “properties” or “change” button
    • In the next window click on the server tab
    • Now change outgoing mail server to
    • Then by clicking on “more setting” button, you will get the “log on using” section where you have to enter your ISP username and password
    • Click “ok” to return to the main window and test account settings

    In some cases, you may get an error message stating “None of the authentication methods requires supported by this client are supported by your server”. If you get this message you have to uncheck my outgoing server authentication. Earlier you were not asked to sing into your account but due to some changes in Opt Online, you have to log in to your account to proceed further to perform this method.

    Get the expert support from Opt Online for getter assistance

    This article has tried to help you immensely by providing you some of the proven methods that you can use to restore you’re your services. However, if you are not aware of these methods and also not a tech-savvy person you need to call at the Optimum Support Phone Number to get the best solution and find the specific answer for your problems.

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