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    Emails have taken over the legacy of sending letters. It is now considered as one of the super fast and most effective way of communication. You can send messages, images, data files and what not via this amazing service in just a few seconds. No need to wait for days and days for the postmaster to tell you about the news. Sending emails have been mainly used for official purposes. You can view the mails in your inbox anytime when you wish, provided you have not deleted them. Being talked so much about email and its services, it will be little injustice, if Optimum email was not taken into consideration. Even though it has undergone many competitions to create its name in the market, but still it has managed to do so and that too effectively. You can store up to thousands of emails here and the application can also be very easily accessed on the mobile device.

    Since the conversation through email sites are increasing two-folds and there are also a lot of many chances to receive hundreds of spams and unnecessary messages. It can be a possibility that the users can accidentally delete some important mails in the lieu of deleting the unwanted mails. Then it becomes really important and certain to recover back those mails anyhow. If you wish to reset the accidentally deleted Optimum Online Emails, then you can do so by following a very simple procedure. You can have a look at this blog and get a glance at it.

    How can you restore back the mails that were deleted by mistake?

    The online mails which you receive via the Optimum email service are usually stored in the system’s hard drive. You can recover it back easily by these steps:

    Method 1- Recovering back the mails via the program Easeus:

    • Download the Easeus program in your system and install it.
    • Use it to scan the hard drive and run it in the system.
    • Once the scanning is done, the program will automatically display all the deleted files and you can select the ones, which you wish to restore.

    Method 2- Reset the emails with the help of File Recovery:    

    • Download the File Recovery program in the device from a trusted source.
    • Install it by making sure that it is compatible with the operating system.
    • Once installed, run it on the system and select the hard drive for scanning purposes.
    • Once scanned, you will be able to see a list of deleted emails. Just restore the ones which you need by selecting them with a checkmark.

    You can also try for some other methods if the above two don’t work. You will get a wide array of alternative by talking to the Optimum Email Customer Service as per your schedule and requirement.

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