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  • Vane pump is a pump in which the blades in the rotor groove contact the pump casing (stator ring) to press the sucked liquid from the oil inlet side to the oil discharge side.

    Classification and characteristics of vane pump

    Vane pumps are divided into single-acting vane pumps and double-acting vane pumps. Single-acting vane pumps are usually variable displacement pumps, while double-acting vane pumps can only be used as metering pumps. The main difference between the two lies in the curved shape inside the stator. When the shape of the curve is different and the pump shaft rotates once, the number of times of pumping oil is different. Single-acting vane pumps are used once for each pumping pressure and double-acting vane pumps are used twice.

    Main advantages of vane pump:

    1. Output flow is more uniform than gear pump, with stable operation and less noise.

    2. High working pressure and high volumetric efficiency.

    3. Single-acting vane pump is easy to realize flow regulation. Double-acting vane pump is balanced by radial fluid pressure of rotor and has long service life.

    4. Compact structure, small size and large flow.

    Main disadvantages of vane pump:

    1. The self-priming performance is worse than that of gear pump, and the oil-priming conditions are stricter. The speed range must be in the range of 500~1500r/min.

    2. It is very sensitive to oil pollution. The blades are easy to be killed by impurities in the oil and the working reliability is poor.

    3. The structure is more complicated and the manufacturing precision of parts is higher.

    Vane pump is mainly used for machine tool control. In particular, double-acting vane pumps are widely used in precision machine tools due to small flow pulsation.

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