Top camera tools & accessories you cannot do without

  • If you already own a camera, you must be aware of the different accessories that come along with it so that you can make the best use of the available device and keep it organized at the same time which might include straps for camera, bag, lenses, etc. Listed below are some of the best camera tools and accessories that you must own:

    Camera Bag

    If the camera that you own has a small body and a single lens, then you can avoid purchasing a bag as these can be fitted anywhere. However, if you have bigger lenses and you travel a lot, then a bag can be your savior. It can help in protecting the camera body from the rain and dust. Moreover, you will be able to keep the accessories organized in one place.


    A tripod helps in holding our camera at the right angle and can ensure that your images turn out to be pin-sharp and filled with the details. You should avoid purchasing a cheap product as it might not turn out to be sturdy and can get moved by the breeze easily you are shooting in a windy area. Always look for a tripod which stands to your eye level and allows you to shoot close to the ground. You can use clip locks which offer a quick setup. If you do not find it hard to carry the tripods, you can also choose to use aluminum tripods which are somewhat cheaper than the ones available in carbon fiber.

    Remote release

    The remote release helps you click the shutter without touching the camera and is ideal for shooting long exposure shots when you put the camera on the tripod. It also avoids the chances of camera shake. You can find several models which work as bulb timers and let you take exposure shots for more than 30 seconds. You can even take a series of images at specific intervals of time.

    You can consider buying remote release in two categories, including the cable and wireless releases. You can use the latter ones if you want to shoot at longer ranges as they would wobble.

    Flash Gun

    The flashgun is useful when you want to add fill-in light so that you get greater power and flattering results. You can mount the camera on the hot shoe or use a cable or wireless connection. You can use the flashgun with the metering system of your camera so that you can automatically control its exposure.  

    Camera Strap

    The Camera Strap Rope is another important accessory which can be used with the camera as it provides holding support and lets the camera rest on your shoulder comfortably. Peak design camera straps is available in different padding and qualities which can be chosen according to the required length.