Fallout 76 Patch 11 Released, But Get Stuck Into a Mess

  • It is thought that the release of Patch 11 of Fallout 76 would be better than we imaged before, at least bringing some new fixes, improvements and changes, but it just took less than two days, quite a few players found that Bethesda not only brought surprises, but also caused Fallout 76 to get stuck into a mess. It's so terrible.

    Let’s first take a look at what new content is brought by Patch 11.

    The new patch is mainly for the underlying systems of Power Armor with some related bugs fixed, which makes the whole system run more smoothly and improve the players’ experience. In order to make the players adapt to the life of Wasteland better, Bethesda also finds out some ways in Patch 11, including weakening the attack power of part of enemies.
    These are not enough, more improvements about Power Armor also haven been released, including gameplay improvements for new players, Nuclear Winter Balance and adventure mode, as well as survival mode bug fixes

    You can click to check out all patch 11 notes here.

    Some bad issues have destroyed as many as things as it fixes in Patch 11.

    Look at the character without a head, which seems to be a strange bug. Once the players enter an area in Whitesprings, he would be killed automatically. When you step out of Power Armor here, you would lose the head of your character at once.

    Meanwhile, other more issues are related to Power Armor, in game freezes, players might get stuck inside the armor, and can't use any equipment perpetually for some reasons.

    Here are just part of the problems, many players are complaining about it. Because of the bugs, Fallout 76 may be getting worse and worse. Although Bethesda has tried a lot to deal with the complaints, the players are still not very optimistic about Fallout 76.