Wave of bans will hit 'Rainbow Six Siege'

  • Rainbow Six Siege Currency Packs Recently Ubisoft solved an error that allowed players to spam symbols in their partners' chat and confirmed that accounts that have abused this exploit which could block games deliberately will be excluded from 'Rainbow Six Siege' in the next hours.

    The exploit in question emerged in the last few days and was readily used by a rather large number of malicious people as well as by simple "jokers" to induce to the crash of Rainbow Six Siege games just started through the simple repetition in the form of the chat of a particular sequence of symbols and emotes.

    The problem was solved rather quickly by the Ubisoft Montreal guys buy Rainbow Six Siege Currency Packs and now through a peremptory message published on the pages of Reddit the Canadian authors report that they want to launch a wave of ban to remind those who have made this gesture that the Code of Conduct of Siege does not admit similar attitudes and this even if the last exploit of the chat did not guarantee any ingame advantage to its user but "only" the forced closure of the games for all the participants to the multiplayer lobby with consequent discomforts for the unsuspecting players interested in this exploit.

    At the moment the exact time for the punishment of 'Rainbow Six Siege' players is unknown but it is only a matter of time before those involved discover they can not log in perhaps temporarily or permanently "depending on the frequency and severity of exploit use. "

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