How to speed test of your internet connection


    If you have used the internet, you probably want to know how to check the speed of the internet connection of the network you are using, in Vietnam the internet is provided by the major carriers like Spectrum, Ookla, Verizon ... And the speed in the network package they offer is average speed rather than speed at all times, so sometimes it is interrupted or simply we want to know the speed of upload, download and ping what is that And this article will guide you specifically.

    Check network speed with Speedtestfast

    Step 1: You must connect the computer to the internet first, then visit the website

    Step 2: Click on the GO button in the above step, wait a bit you will get the result

    - PING is the transmission rate of 1 packet calculated by MS (Milliseconds)
    - DOWNLOAD is Download speed calculated in Mbps (Megabit per second)
    - UPLOAD is the upload speed calculated in Mbps (Megabit per second)

    So you can check the current network speed yourself, it's too simple, wish you success!