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  • Berserker is the most powerful hand-to-hand  OSRS gold battle class. Because being in battle may be suicide, this class is quite difficult to play. Because of this, having equipment and playing is crucial for berserkers.Runeblade is the class of Maplestory 2. This class infuses its sword with ice, fire and lightning to do decimation attacks. Runeblade is very easy to play because this hero can strike from anywhere. 20 SP / sec is replenished by the runeblades and proceed.


    Knight is a class based on defense that has and its allies. This class is proven to have potential for crowd control and defense at the cost of mobility and harm.Archer is a class that is often overlooked. Archers have excellent mobility, range and damage, but need great skill and expensive equipment to be comparable to other courses in terms of PvP and PvM.Priest is a class based on support that focuses on treating themselves and their allies. Priest isn't encouraged.


    It's finally happening! Nexon has declared that Maplestory  RSGOLDFAST 2 is finally heading to the west. Late 6, the announcement was made and comes along with the information that closed beta testing is set to start on May 9th and a brand new trailer. A new site is ready to take registrations and provide more information also.The testing period will begin May 9th and sign ups for CBT are available through May 6th and run through May 16th.


    Whether with a sword or bow, either a staff or wand, a greatsword nearly as big as you are or the finest stiletto, MapleStory 2 has a class for yet you like to fight.Each course has their own story, detailing their rise by a MMOgo with little experience but great possibility, and into one of the great heroes of Maple World. Choose your favourite class and start your journey at MapleStory 2!