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  • It shows me that the developers want their players to  Maple story M Mesos  play in their own pace, have fun, but still have cool things to show off that they either want to encourage the developers or seem cute/cool. There was not just one predatory thing that I found in the MapleStory 2 shop. Do any of them make you better? Of course not. But they"do" make you look pretty awesome. You get mounts in-game fairly ancient, however these are only for display.


    You are still able to spend real-money money to auto-fish, but you do not do that in the store, and that does not make you stronger or better. However, it will let you fish without having to stand there and be surly about fishing (like me).Another feature of a successful MMO would be to have classes that are enjoyable, without feeling overly much like the others available. Not only do the classes feel different, but you have a good deal of alternatives in how to construct a character, and the game will even offer you suggestions on assembles to attempt if you press the button to get it in the abilities menu (K).


    Surethere are kinds of characters: You've tanks, at least a healer in the Priest, damage dealers, casters/ranged characters, but in my own time doing dungeons, it didn't feel quite as restricted since regular/pay-to-play MMOgo do. In fact, I did a lot of my own healing while dungeons as a Rune Blade and as a Berserker. Most of the courses have pretty major damage effects, so it can be a little hard to see what's going on, but I always feel like I am contributing and am a useful part of whatever team I am on.


    So when did"casual" become this kind of four-letter word? Why does everything have to be hardcore and ultra-serious now? Can not we just play an MMO for a few hours because it's charming and enjoyable? MapleStory 2 is definitely enjoyable, and I'm certain that the higher-end content will have challenge and reward players who work harder, but regardless of what your ability level, you can log on, mess around, unlock a few challenge rewards, and gain a few degrees, possibly join in on the trivia challenge, and log off. It's not a sport that has felt like an insane second job or chore to perform, and that's very important to the way I approach MMOgo in my old age. Best online shop to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos for all servers on MMOGO.COM