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  • Wizard is a course which uses the elements of fire, ice and  maplestory2 mesos  lightning. This course has high harm that inflicts spells along with some AoE. The class lacks defense and health, although the teleportation capacity is great. Wizard is certainly the best class for beginners.The Wizard is a type of offensive course, they have lots of tricks up their sleeve, fun to play since it is possible to exchange your abilities and adapt to any situation where you end up trapped.


    Unleashing all chaining skills may lead to enormous harm, both are good at mobbing as well as at Bossing. They have a good coverage which goes from fire and you have all the ends tied. Wizards are intended to be mobsters who have AoE debuffs and strikes such as freezing and burning but they are very soft.Assassin is a course which uses luck statistics the scaling of hits is a must.


    This course focuses upon the kite of these enemies along with the very intelligent game (if it does, it may be one of the highest DPS classes in the sport ). Assassin is presently the best PvP course in Maplestory 2.Medium-range assault damage on solo performance with a strong emphasis. They're powerful in front of a persistent although skilled participant in the hands of a brand new player. Assassins have the DPS from the game.


    They have access to a 100% crit rate, you can  Maple 2 Items  chain a good deal of skills and that will make your finger dancing a whole lot, expect to inflict the maximum harm in any struggle. They have the combat mobility in the game that enables them to reposition to maintain their space.Assassins are challenging because they are midsize, so it is not far enough to be safe, so they rely on them to maneuver / destroy / kite consistently to be sure they survive while they've space.