• A true Inspiration for all Aspiring Chartered Accountants

    Not One in a million is an eye opener for all aspiring Chartered Accountants from the best CA in Chattisgarh. One should not be limited to a particular pattern of work and always be keen towards being a good learner is what OP Singhania speaks about in Chapter 9 – My Firm, My Profession.

    Life shaped itself in various forms and OP Singhania- best CA in Chattisgarh learnt every bit of it. Today his retrospection, makes him feel that his actions have made him what he is today. Initially, OP Singhania-Not one in a million never said no to any work that came his way. Despite not being an expert of all task, he would never be hesitant to take it as a challenge and made sure to learn every core of it.

    Right from seeking help from his seniors to all the guidance from experts he used all mediums to furnish the task. It was the commitment to succeed that led OP Singhania turn every No to Yes.

    He is still a great mentor for all the CA Students and newly qualified CA who work with him as an Article. OP Singhania narrates such incidents in this Chapter that will make all aspiring CA’s feel that quitting exams due to a few failures is just a coward skill. One needs to head on with confidence despite all hurdles in their way. Take failure as a lesson and do the best possible too secure one’s entire career.

    OP Singhania- CA in Chattisgarh has faced full cycles of boom and bust, still he sat through the roller-coaster ride and enjoyed it. We have to take advantage of every opportunity that we can and start exploring our core competency during our initial days.

    Failure should serve as motivation to be better, not as a excuse to give up. When you are young, your action defines your entire career of 50 years or more. So never let negativity dominate your life. Its ok to fail sometimes, but we should only have the power to succeed once estimating our capability honestly and use all of it for any task.

    But note that being over confident is also our biggest enemy. Thus, trust yourself, make mistakes, pick yourself and reach heights again.