Experience Travel Latest Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.

  • Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is famous for its stretches of white sand, blue sea and rows of coconut trees.

     Visitors can come to Mui Ne year round, each season "paradise of sea" brings a different beauty. From April to August is the most beautiful time in Mui Ne, at this time the sea is clear and cool. August to December, will be suitable for surfing enthusiasts and adventurous sports for the moment.

    From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists Mui Ne more vew >>> https://dulichviet.net.vn/kinh-nghiem-du-lich-mui-ne-phan-thiet-moi-nhat.html can easily move to Mui Ne by motorbike, bus or train.

    The phượt players often follow the coastal road. From Ho Chi Minh City you can go towards Cat Lai ferry, go to Long Thanh, then go to Ba Ria town, then follow Ho Tram direction through Loc An, then follow the coastal road towards Phan Thiet. The total distance is about 230 km.

    Mui Ne is not only a "paradise of entertainment" with a beautiful coastline, it is also famous for its many historical and Cham monuments. Here are 10 most famous destinations in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.

    1. Hon Rom

    mui ne

    Hon Rom is the name of a small wild mountain located in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne ward, TP. Phan Thiet. Visitors should go to Hon Rom in the early morning or late afternoon to watch the sunrise and sunset. This is also an ideal campsite to camp camp fire at night or watch the stars. Clusters of beaches in Hon Rom are smooth, without reef and clear blue water, you can ask for directions to Rom 1, Hon Rom 2 or Thuy Trang beach to swim.

    2. Sand Hill Hong

    Near Hon Rom is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Mui Ne - Sand Hill Hong. In addition to the long wavy sand, the color of sand is also a tourist attraction >>>https://diadiemdulichonline.blogspot.com/ , there are 18 different colors on the hill. On the sand hill, you can rent skis, cost about 20,000 VND per plate.

    At the foot of the sand hill, there are a number of fast food and drinks such as: three-stroke coconut, filtered flour, tofu ..

    3. Ghenh Hon

    Ghenh is also known as Hon Lao, this place is about 1 km from Mui Ne and quite pristine. To get to Ghenh Hon, you can rent boats from fishermen (200,000 VND per boat for 10 people) or take a shuttle service from the resort or hotel.

    Early in the morning you can come here to fish, then go scuba diving to see coral, the evening is the best time to watch the sunset and sunset at sea.

    4. Bau Trang - Bau Sen

    White Lotus - Bau Sen is two natural freshwater lakes located between immense white sand hills. To Bau Trang in the summer, visitors can admire thousands of lotus blooming among the white sand hill.

    Bau Trang sand hill is likened to "Sahara sub-Saharan" in Vietnam with a vast, untouched landscape. Here you can hire a terrain vehicle or a Jeep to drive around Bau Trang, costing about VND 600,000 for 20 minutes.

    5. Suoi Tien

    Fairy Stream in Mui Ne is called "Bong lai Tien Canh" by tourists. There is a small slot located next to Hon Rom.

    The stream edge is a natural stone hill with red and white colors with many strange shapes due to the erosion of time.

    6. Mui Ne fishing village

    The fishing village of Mui Ne is about 3 km from the town. Right at the fishing village entrance are hundreds of colorful fishing boats anchored. Not far away is a small market with a peaceful life.

    Although the fishing village stretches only 100 meters along the coast, it is a place where visitors can clearly identify the lives of fishermen. If you come to the fishing village early in the morning, you can buy many fresh seafood when the boat has just arrived.
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