How Live Chat Can Perk Up Customer Experience In Utility Sector

  • Customer experience is very crucial to utility industry. When compared to other sectors like travel and tourism or retail, utility is lagging behind in terms of customer experience. Customers’ expectations are high and almost zero tolerance for incompetence because they receive top-class customer support from other sectors. Their growing desires to communicate over digital platforms can be overlooked. More than voice or email, customers now prefer communicating over live chat because it is easy and convenient, from anywhere, anytime. Chat gives them personal attention and companies also prefer offering live chat customer service because it is cost-effective and more efficient.  

    How utility sector can boost up customer service experience?

    For many utility companies, the first place to rely is a traditional call center. There was no problem with call center that operates via telephone until the number of customers skyrocketed. Customers had to wait for up to 40 minutes in order to converse with a call centre agent, which is upsetting. In the age of digitization, nobody likes to wait so much. Nobody has time to wait in a call line for so long. So, here are some ways utility companies are adopting to offer better customer experience.

    Extending beyond voice

    New technologies like artificial based automated solutions, live chat support windows on the website and cloud connect are overtaking phone calls and emails. These are preferred by every business because of speed and ease of communication. A utility company can also implement the same and put customers in charge of when, how and where they wish to connect to the company.    

    Personalized communication

    By integrating AI technology with live chat feature and other CRM systems, companies can get information about customers that are much more in depth and accurate. There is no need to take call record because one can easily see previous interactions, issue, account information and which agent handled the query previously. If, for example, the customer has outstanding payment, the query can automatically be routed to the accounts team. The customer doesn’t have to start from the scratch every time, and this leads to more bespoke experience.      

    There are many contact centers where agents have to check multiple files and systems to gather customer information. As a result, the customer has to wait for a longer time on the phone. Live chat support can enhance the agent’s desktop experience together with providing several sources of customer information which will help the agent to offer better customer service.  

    Ensure proper staffing levels

    An added advantage of integrating live chat tool is to easily monitor and track call times, wait times, call volumes, number of calls abandoned and other service level agreement. With clear supervision of what is going on, staff needed to deal during peak hours can be managed effectively. Moreover, since one chat agent can handle three to four customers at a time over chat windows, it is a lot less expensive than call center setup. Not only does this increase the customer experience, it brings additional benefits to the business and greater efficiency.

    By using artificial intelligence and chat, energy and utility companies can deliver a steady and superior customer service; optimize the use of resources and recognize operational efficiencies.