Waterproof school bag and ordinary school bag difference

  • The weather in summer is like turning a book. It is said to change and walk outside. The most fearful thing is that the storm is coming. It doesn’t matter if people are wet. If important documents and electrical appliances are wet, the loss can be Not so a little bit, so it is even more important to have a waterproof backpack, so how waterproof is waterproof backpack! What is the difference between waterproof backpacks?


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    The difference between cloth

    The biggest difference between a waterproof backpack and an ordinary backpack is the choice of materials, common materials.

    When the water is wet, some materials have the function of water repellent. It adds a layer to the inner part of the material to block the entry of some rainwater. If it is hit by heavy rain, it will be useless, and the material of the layer is added. For a certain period of use, it will not work for a long time, and most of the materials used in waterproof backpacks are not breathable or breathable, and the layers are thicker, and the other side is even filmed, which is more waterproof.
    2. Differences in production process

    The production process of waterproof backpack is more complicated than ordinary backpack work. Many fully waterproof backpacks need to open the mold. The common one is a hard shell backpack. These are the techniques used to open the mold, and the ordinary backpack basically only needs It is ok to use the traditional sewing process.
    3. Accessories differences

    Whether it is waterproof backpack or ordinary backpack, the manufacturer's opening method is zipper opening, which involves the selection of zipper accessories. The zipper selection of ordinary backpack is also ordinary zipper, not waterproof and airtight, and the choice of waterproof backpack is waterproof zipper. If you encounter water, you will be able to protect the contents of the bag more effectively.

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