What kind of material is used in the lunch bag?

  • What kind of material is used in the lunch bag?

    The layer is the key to the ability of a Buy Lunch Cooler Bags (sometimes referred to as a "refrigerated bag") to keep its contents cool. Each is made of at least one outer layer, an inner layer and a layer of insulating material therebetween. The outer layer can be made from a variety of materials such as thick fabrics, plastic or vinyl. The middle layer is the most important layer. It is usually made of some type of foam, which is one of the best insulators and is lightweight and flexible. The inner layer of the bag is usually made of some waterproof material. Plastic, vinyl and foil linings are the most common.


    Although insulated lunch bags are better than plastic, metal and paper to prevent the contents from heating up, experts recommend adding gel packs to the contents. The gel pack contains a flexible gel in a heavy duty sealed plastic bag. The gel pack can be kept in the refrigerator and added to the lunch bag in the morning. Gel packs are very slow to thaw, and they help keep the contents of the bag cool for longer than no time.


    Cooling bags, ice packs, ice packs, also known as passive refrigerators, are a high-insulation, thermostatic effect pack (with cool effect), cold, hot and preserved. It is made of high-quality materials and is easy to carry. It is suitable for car travel, vacation travel, family picnic use, and EPE laminated reflective foil insulation inside the cooling bag to provide good insulation effect. It can be carried in the car or outdoors. Ice drinks, cold drinks, etc., you don't have to endure warm drinks! The cooling bag is stylish, stylish and easy to clean. The bag is foldable for easy storage. The product also has a thermal insulation effect, and is also suitable for winter insulation, and is a must for life, travel and leisure.


    What are the cooling bag sizes?

    Cooling bags come in a variety of sizes. Since refrigerated bags are flexible, they can be made larger in size and shape than rigid refrigerators. Our promotional refrigerated bags range is just large enough to hold a small lunch, a baby bottle or two or three beverage cans, large enough to hold 36-48 beverage cans or a full day of meals. Regardless of the task or event, we have promotional reefer bags of the right size.

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