The Path of Exile player plays 500 hours in 30 days, creating a

  • Path of Exile's streaming media created the world's most hourly record of playing on Twitch in 30 days. Born in Norway, the streamer Zizaran started his 30-day race in December and eventually completed more than 500 hours of streaming in just one month.

    Zizaran released a tweet about the final show this morning, saying "We can broadcast a world record through a streaming media for most of the hours," with the last timestamp of fewer than 505.5 hours. It is a record from the previous 402 hours and 57 minutes, which was set by a different streaming giant, Hwaseong Fortress. Of course, in this one is the need to use POE Currency to help us win the game.

    To achieve this feat, Zizaran needs to flow an average of one month a day in 17 hours. It doesn't leave much time for anything else, only seven hours a day for sleep, preparing food, and anything else a person might need to do in their daily lives.

    With this in mind, I recommend that you do not try to make this record at home. I slept seven hours a night to get close to good things. A quick look at Zizaran's Twitter information made it clear that he didn't even get so many eyes closed.

    Zizaran celebrates the end of the stream with several POE Trade Currency, some of which are funded by the game developers themselves. Grinding Gear Games released a tweet last night to let the community know that the streaming marathon is coming to an end.

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