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Matters of Electric High-pressure Washer Pump Factory


    The working principle of Electric High-Pressure Washer Pump Factory's high pressure washer
    The high-pressure cleaner is actually a fairly simple device. The motor or engine turns the pump, pushing the water through the orifice (tip). Water accelerates when passing through small holes, just as a river flows faster in a narrow canyon, and this fast-moving water is very useful for removing dirt and grime. The math is simple. Each time the pump rotates, a certain volume of water passes through the tip. The more water you push in through the tip, the greater the pressure generated, so more power is required. The higher the pressure, the faster the water moves, and the harder it is to hit the dirt and remove it from the surface to be cleaned.

    Things to consider
    The two most important considerations when buying a high-pressure cleaner are size, which determines how long it takes to complete the work or how much work can be completed in a day; and life expectancy, which determines every dollar spent during the life of the machine How many hours of work can be completed.

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