It is very important to choose high-quality acrylic sheets

  • In recent years, the products made of acrylic material are getting better and better. When you walk into snack houses and chain convenience stores in the streets, you will find various acrylic display stands. Entering large and small shopping malls and supermarkets, such information boards can be seen almost everywhere.

    Where there are customers, the service concept of customer first is definitely needed. That requires special information guide boards, acrylic price boards, acrylic signs, etc. Enter all kinds of cake shops, all kinds of large and small acrylic cake shelves, fruit trays, etc. Not only these, acrylic is also used in various industries.

    1. Advertising Industry

    The vast majority of advertisement signboards, advertisement indicator lights and advertisement display stands appearing on the roads are made of acrylic as the main material.

    2. Medical Industry

    In recent years, the medical industry has also begun to popularize the application of acrylic products. People can see that different surgical medical instruments are taken out of the Yakeli storage box. In addition, some acrylic products are also used to make baby care boxes.

    3. Construction Industry

    Due to its excellent toughness and high ultraviolet resistance, acrylic is widely used in door and window profiles, canopies, panels, exterior wall design, etc.

    4. Auto Industry

    In cars, acrylic panels are used for car windows, interior and exterior panels, fenders, etc., as well as motorcycle windshield. Colored acrylic board is also used for car indicator covers, indoor light fixtures, etc. Acrylic is also used in ships (salt tolerance) and aerospace applications.

    5. Electronic Products

    Due to its excellent optical transparency, high light transmittance and scratch resistance, acrylic is widely used in LCD/LED TV screens, notebook computers, smart phone displays and electronic displays.

    All in all, acrylic can be molded into any shape due to its excellent transparency, toughness and aesthetics, and is used in various industries. And will be used more and more widely in the future.

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