Get Fit And Eat Healthy This New Year

  • Youhave already stepped into the New Year, and with it, follows our usual list of resolutions. No matter how innovative we are at penning down the resolutions, a health-focused resolution has to be in that list. You have made such resolutions in the past as well, but, ended up leaving it mid way without any actual weight loss or up in the energy level. This year, with these tips, which include, ditching your boring diet to buying affordable fitness products using Waitrose gift card, you will be able to stick to your plan throughout the year and longer.   

    Different workout motives

    Set small goals as they help you stick to your workout motive easily. Remember, the number of kilos you lose in a month might differ from others. So, don’t get disheartened if your gym mate lost a kilo extra than yours. Also, you have to try out a few workout styles before figuring out which one is giving you maximum outcome. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hit the gym for workout. You can also take up dance lessons, aerobics, kickboxing classes or any other sports that include vigorous activity. Make sure you get the right accessories and wears to feel most comfortable and stylish while working out. Waitrose gift card can help you fetch a good amount of discount on your fitness wearable.   

    Stick to a healthy, easy to cook, interesting diet

    First of all, weight loss through dieting is a long-term process. Nearly ninety five percent of people who lose weight by harsh dieting regain it in one to five years. Since, dieting is a long term food plan, you have to make it quick, easy, healthy and at the same time, interesting.  Strict dieting often leads to overeating on cheat days. So, stuff your kitchen with organic veggies, fresh meat and dairy products. Keep a juicer and mixer handy to drink fresh veggie and fruit juices quite often. Bring in interesting twists to make the food tasty, but not very high on calorie count. Supermarkets like Waitrose have dedicated sections like ‘Fitness and Lifestyle’. On top of that, you also shouldn’t miss out the opportunity to grab your free Waitrose gift card and buy healthy food at cut rate.

    Staying fit is a journey, not a destination

    This is the most crucial tip to help you glide through the year. Exercise and staying fit is an addition in your lifestyle. It is a life long journey and those who have made it a habit are the blessed ones. It’s not just a short-term goal of slipping to that little black dress before your best mate’s wedding. You have to enjoy doing it every day. In the journey of becoming a stronger, healthier you, Waitrose gift card contributes a lot. It gives you discount on things you buy to make this journey easier, interesting and achievable.