Marketing and medical service


    • Variety of range of medical services to patients;
    • Level of medical performance of services;
    • Quality of service

    The introduction of marketing has a positive effect on all these factors.

    The most important function of marketing is to study the needs of the population in medical services of a particular profile.

    The desire to maximize the needs of the population creates the interest of the medical institution, all other things being equal, in expanding the range of medical services provided, that is, it objectively contributes to the improvement of the quality of medical care .

    The study of the supply of various types of medical services leads to similar results.

    And this means that the institution, striving to outstrip competitors, should know well its capabilities and fully use them, carefully monitor the achievements in their field, devote time to research on the most promising areas,

    The most important factor in the quality of medical care is the medical performance of the service, which is defined as the end result of medical care.

    This indicator is of interest to the consumer of medical services in the first place.

    In this regard, the quality of medical services is one of the most important elements, which largely determines the possibilities of demand for it.

    Since one of the main tasks of marketing activities is to create an effective mechanism for selling products in tough market conditions, all other things being equal, high quality medical care is the factor that provides the best opportunities for the implementation of medical services, which creates favorable conditions for the effective functioning of a medical institution.

    This also applies to the last aspect of the quality of medical care - the quality of service, which is understood as the effective organization of receiving patients, the attitude of medical personnel to patients, comfort of service, etc.

    All this encourages marketing services to exercise constant and careful control over all components of the quality of medical care, analyze the causes of quality decline and promptly take measures to improve it.

    Speaking about the positive impact of marketing on the level of quality of public health services, it should be noted that marketing is based on an integrated approach to the organization of the reproduction process.

    The quality of medical care is important from a marketing point of view, but not the only indicator that provides a solution to the main goal - the effective functioning of a medical institution.

    In addition to the quality of care, in the activities of a health care institution, it is necessary to take into account both the volume of care provided and its cost.

    These three parameters are closely related.

    For example, improving the quality of medical care is accompanied by an increase in costs, which worsens the financial situation of the institution.