Importance of Dental Marketing


    Dental marketing as an economic regulator of health care management

    It is known that the quality of medical care is determined by many factors: the quality of the material and technical base, the level of qualification of medical workers, their interest in achieving the highest results, etc. The impact of these factors can be direct: for example, quality medical care is directly dependent on the qualifications of the doctor, his good faith.

    Other factors act indirectly, creating favorable or unfavorable conditions for the action of direct factors.

    One of these factors, which largely determine the level of quality of medical services for the population at any level, is the management system for   .

    The quality of the material and technical base of the medical institution, the interest of health workers, etc., that is, the entire set of basic parameters affecting the level of quality of care, depends on how this system works. for Dental SEO

    In turn, the management system of a particular medical institution essentially depends on a number of common factors: the level of the country's socio-economic development, the principles of building a health care system, etc. work and, therefore, the dependence of the financial position of the medical institution (MPI) on the results of its work.

    The development of commodity-money relations in Russia had a significant impact on the working conditions of enterprises and organizations, including those related to the field of healthcare.

    New conditions for the activities of any organizations should be met by the new management mechanism.

    Therefore, it is quite natural that many managers try to use in their work the principles of marketing - a form of management that owes its emergence to the conditions of the modern market.

    The most important element in the marketing system is its goal.

    In relation to the conditions of health care, a number of authors propose the following statement of the goal: meeting the population’s demand for medical care, providing the consumer with the maximum range of services and ultimately raising the standard of living.

    Such a formulation, in our opinion, is not quite accurate, since most specialists consider the organization’s profitable work to be the main goal of the marketing service.

    The amount and quality of medical care that this organization will be able to provide to the population tomorrow depends on how the work of the medical institution will be organized.

    One of the principles of marketing is: “marketing for an institution, not an institution for marketing”, which emphasizes the pragmatic nature of marketing activities.

    At the same time, marketing as a form of management creates favorable objective prerequisites for raising the level of quality of medical services for the population.

    Speaking about the quality of medical care, you should consider its multiplicity (versatility).