China Chain Supplier Take You Through The Conveyor Chain

  • The conveyor chain of mechanical equipment is one of the mechanical transmission components. Because it can accurately transmit the power of the equipment, the transmission effect is stable, the speed ratio is constant, and it has strong adaptability, and is not affected by the size. Convenient and other excellent features is widely used in various industries. Especially on some automated production equipment, it has to be said that the conveyor chain has become one of the main transmission components of mechanical transmission. China chain supplier(GETECHAIN) brings you to understand the conveyor chain.

    Chains can be divided into two categories according to their purpose and structure:

    First, according to the purpose can be divided into transmission chain, conveyor chain, decorative chain, cable chain, and special chain.

    Second, according to the structure can be divided into a roller chain, sleeve chain, plate chain, nylon roller chain, scraper chain, and collar chain.

    There are many types of chains, but there are only a few basic structures, and others are simply modified according to the basic chain structure. As seen from the above chain structure, most of the chains are composed of chain plates, chain pins, bushings and the like. Other types of chains only make different changes to the chain plates according to different needs, some are equipped with scrapers on the chain plates, some are equipped with guide bearings on the chain plates, and some are equipped with rollers on the chain plates, etc. And these are all designed to allow the product to be retrofitted in different applications.

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