Common Lubrication Methods of Combine Chains

  • Lubrication of the combine chains(GETECHAIN) is essential. Proper lubrication can significantly reduce the wear of chain hinges and prolong the service life.

    There are usually four lubrication methods for the combine chains:

    1. Manual regular use of oil pot or oil brush to oil;

    2. Dripping oil for lubrication, dripping oil through the oil pipe to the gap between the inner and outer link plates at the loose edge;

    3. Oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication adopts a sealed transmission case, in which part of the chain and chain wheel of the former is immersed in oil, while in the latter, a larger diameter oil slinger is used to splash oil;

    4. Oil pump pressure injection lubrication, with oil pump through the oil pipe to chain continuous oil supply, circulating oil can play a role of lubrication and cooling.

    The kinematic viscosity of the lubricating oil used in combine chains is about 20 ~ 40mm2/s at the operating temperature. Oil can only be used in places where the rotation speed is very slow and oil cannot be supplied.

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