World of Warcraft Classic role play

  • World of Warcraft Classic role play

    Warrior operation skills

    It is recommended to team up with the healer (priest, shaman, druid) to avoid death.
    Pick one or two weapons that can be used with both hands.
    Use your anger value! When fighting the caster, keep some anger for shield or boxing to prevent them from using powerful spells or healing spells. Another use of heroic strikes is to cause some extra damage and hatred, but if the monster heals himself, he has to come back.

    Think carefully before choosing a talent.
    Protect your companions. Pastors and mages should not bear the enemy's attacks. Use taunting skills to focus your attacks on yourself.

    Professional skill selection
    Players are free to choose their professional skills. But the following skills may be more suitable for warriors:
    Mining and Forging - Warriors can forge equipment for their own use.
    Herbs and Alchemy - Warriors can make healing potions and gain spells.
    First Aid - Warriors usually do not have healing skills. Learning this skill can shorten the time it takes to sit on the floor.
    Cooking and Fishing - Warriors can capture and make food to reduce the time it takes to sit on the floor after a battle.
    The survival ability of the soldiers is the lowest. The upgrade of the previous stage is limited. If you choose the warrior, please be careful and stick to it. You will be rewarded later.
    Several recommended talents. A good thing should have multiple choices that can lead to differences. The so-called benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom, and it is unbearable to impose your own ideas on others. The following talents are just my personal understanding. It may be helpful for some friends to recommend them. I hope that when you discuss it, it will be well-founded.
    First, hate direction, suitable for the occasion of the pursuit of team DPS, defensive equipment or team therapy can guarantee survival. Guided by the highest hatred. Match the equipment to ensure hit and precision, and increase the block value.

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    A brief description:
    1, the general defensive equipment and team buff level, this talent under the heroic 40% crit, destroy 40%, the shield slam 40%.
    2, the use of skills for the shield fierce priority, followed by shock waves, revenge. When the anger exceeds 40, use the heroic blow together.
    3, for the disarming monster priority to disarm.
    Second, the survival direction is applicable when the survival ability is high and the hatred is not high. For example, Sunwell No. 1.
    A brief description:
    1, all the added talents to increase survivability are added. Then consider maximizing hatred.
    2, the use of skills to ensure that the thunder, frustration effect, shield block when the blood is not full. The priority is fierce, followed by revenge and destruction. When the anger is greater than 40, add heroic blows.
    Third, the applicable direction. Compared with the talent of the mean, the applicability is strong, and a set of talents is played to the end. For example, a copy of the farm. It is also the talent that the individual intends to use, and personal preference is a big component.

    1, strengthen bloody violent is to start the shield can be used immediately. Strengthening heroic strikes is to increase DPS.
    2, more inclined to hatred, but not extreme hatred.