How to Host a Budget-Friendly Winter Party

  • Winter is a time for cozy gatherings. With the holiday spirit still soaring high, parties and gatherings keep filling your itinerary. And you might also be hosting a few weekend parties yourself. To a first-timer, hosting a big party can seem overwhelming and costly.  Well, not to worry, because experts have got together the perfect list of tips that you can follow to host a wonderful without breaking your bank. Also, popular rewards program sites such as I Love My Offers is giving a chance to win a Waitrose gift card for free, which means more savings for you. 

    Avoid heavy meals if they’re not required 

    Most party guests are usually happy with cocktail treats and finger foods, so you need not worry much about serving a heavy meal. 

    Invite people after dinner time’s up 

    Except a few close friends and family members, invite the rest of the people to your party way after dinner. That way, you won’t cook for a large number of guests. 

    Decide the alcohol 

    One of the best ways to save money on purchase of alcohol is by winning a Waitrose gift card off the I Love My Offers site and using it to buy your booze. Otherwise, you can get champagne from wholesale clubs. 

    Plan a potluck party 

    A potluck style bash would only require you to arrange for a place and an atmosphere, that’s all. You can try doing the same thing for alcohol as well. That way, you won’t have to bear the expenses alone. 

    Limit the guest list 

    Limit the number of people who you would be inviting over for the party. Doing so won’t just keep the costs low, but also help you to stay relaxed. 

    Don’t go overboard with the decorations

     You don’t need to buy expensive decor items to embellish your house for the party. Use the some DIY banners, some, candles, and lights you used for Christmas and new year. 

    No need to get a new outfit 

    If your wardrobe is already overloaded, there’s absolutely no need for buying brand new apparel just for the occasion. You can simply put the most beautiful dress you have in your wardrobe.Psst! If the dress looks like it is from the 90’s, you can use it as a dress code and theme for the party. And everyone will talk about how cool a party it was. 

    Thus, simply make use of the above mentioned tips and don’t forget to play the online contests and win a Waitrose gift card so as to cut down on your expenses.