Top Men’s Boots for The Cold Season

  • The air has gotten as chilly as can be, and temperatures are expected to drop even further. Now is, therefore, better than ever to start prepping for the inclement weather, and your wardrobe is the first thing that you should be upgrading. And while you’re shopping for all kinds of stylish apparel to keep yourself warm, footwear is another thing that should receive equal attention from you. You should therefore carefully evaluate your fashion and practical needs before investing in a good pair of shoes. By the way, there’s good news - popular rewards program site I Love My Offers is giving every UK citizen above 18 years a chance to win Kurt-Geiger shoes for free.

    Even if you are not considering a Kurt-Geiger, there are plenty of other men’s footwear options that you can pick from to battle the cold weather:  

    Combat boots 

    Though not exactly the type that you would wish to wear to office at first look, this one actually looks very fashionable when worn with a business or suit casual, due to its polished and streamlined appearance. 


    The brogue is a perfect choice for the cold weather, owing to its overall durability and hefty soles. Apart from handling the elements like a boss, these boots also ensure that water drains off them effectively, thanks to their brogue holes. So in case it starts raining while you’re out in the streets, you won’t have to worry about water getting inside your shoes. 

    Snow boots 

    If the weather worsens so much that your car gets covered in snow and kids start making snowmen outside, that’s the time you would be needing a pair of these. They are lined with shearling, which guarantees greater comfort. Don’t forget to try your luck on I Love My Offers to win Kurt-Geiger shoes because who knows, they might just ship you a pair of warm snow boots.

     Good ol’ work boots 

    Designed with thick soles, good insulation and waterproof abilities, work boots are ideal for rough winter days and can allow you to move through snow without any hassle. They look their best when worn along with a pair of light wash jeans. 

    There you have, all of the most popular winter boots for men. Before you decide to purchase any of the above mentioned footwear options, make sure to visit I Love My Offers, play the contest featuring “Win Kurt-Geiger shoes” and grab your chance to actually win a pair.