Use Sainsbury’s Gift Card For Eggcellent Easter Savings

  • Easter celebration is deeply connected with food traditions. Along with the food, Easter egg hunt is a popular game that kids, family and friends enjoy playing while celebrating the festival. With advance planning you can take much of the scramble out of your Easter celebration and even save big with freebies like Sainsbury’s gift card and vouchers. Here are is a list of items you might want to keep in stock during the Easter week.

    Items for decorating Easter eggs

    Decorating Easter eggs is a fun activity that you can do with kids. There are a lot of ways to make the eggs colorful without sticking to a traditional kit. You will need hard boiled eggs; art supplies; food coloring; slotted spoon; white vinegar; empty egg carton to keep the eggs for drying after you colored them; rubber bands and stickers for creative shapes. Assemble these materials and get started.

    Items for Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Basket

    We can’t think of Easter without Easter Egg Hunt. Whether you are throwing an Easter party for children or adults, you will need some planning and stuffs to get around. You might consider giving prizes to the winners, some volunteers, plastic eggs for the game, wicker baskets, ribbons and ornaments for decorating the basket, candies and chocolate bunnies. Take a quick trip to Sainsbury’s to stock up on this essentials. Get Ester special discounts on selected products. For additional money-off you have to rely on Sainsbury’s gift card.

    Quick fixes for empty stomach

    You and your guests need something to gobble up during all the fun and gala time. From deviled eggs to fruit kebabs, you should present some appetizing Easter party food on the platter. You might consider presenting strawberries coated in chocolates, deviled eggs, ham rolls, Easter breads readily available in the market, salads, rice krispies, cookies, hot cross buns, cakes and delicacies dedicated to Easter.

    Drinks and beverages

    Simple, show-stopping cocktails and beverages are all you need to impress your Easter guests! Spring drinks and cocktail recipes with a zesty citrus flavour add a classic touch to your brunch. Cottontail Margaritas and bunny-inspired tequila treats are some examples of adults-only. Note down the basics – you require ice, Seltzer water, wine or other adult beverages, juices and shakes for the kids, coffee and tea.

    Big occasions can bring stress to you physically and financially if you do not plan beforehand and have Sainsbury’s gift card to get discount on your purchases.