Celebration of RuneScape in October, tickets have become availa

  • RuneScape is strong since its release in 2001. According to the Guinness World Records, it does not take the world's largest and a lot updated free MMORPG, and that is one of the tips for its success. To celebrate RuneScape, Jagex announced how the RuneFest 2019 ticket is now accessible for sale. It can take place from October 4th to 5th for the Farnborough International Convention Center in England. Fans can take a look with the Golden Gnome Awards, keynotes, and play RuneScape Mobile. Fans can celebrate together tomorrow, numerous fans are incredibly excited.

    RuneScape 2019 is really a celebration of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape and definitely will provide various activities for attendees. The event will become at RuneScape Gold The Golden Gnome Awards on Friday night, the annual celebration in the franchise's prestigious community awards ceremony. Saturday has to be day brimming with games, role-playing, conversations with common language players, exclusive merchandise and days packed with RuneScape and Old School RuneScape news.
    Tickets provide you with the Golden Gnome Award and Friday's "Night Party" and Saturday's RuneFest 2019. If you can't attend the big event, the case can also be played on your mobile phone or TV.

    “There isn't a better solution to connect with RS Gold the expanding RuneScape community, as opposed to bringing everyone together, whether personally or online, to make some legendary memories,” said Jax event leader Josh Winward. “Farnborough's RuneFest provides for us the probability to bring Gielinor's life game world your like never before, as well as carry it forward, giving our community an incredible opportunity to shine the main attraction!”