"World of Warcraft Classic" will gradually launch PvP battle

  • When the "World of Warcraft Classic" arrives in the summer, how will the battle between the player and the player work? Obviously, like the initial game launch, it retains the original advantages of the game and upgrades the excitement of the game.
    Blizzard has outlined a step-by-step introduction to PvP combat, which will mimic the initial launch. First, there will be no killing tracking or reward system - if you beat other players, you will feel a lot of pleasure. You must wait for the second stage before WOW Classic Boosting the honor system and ranking rewards begin.

    Since then, it has mainly started around the original content, letting players review the classic adventures. The third phase will introduce the Alterac Valley and the Warsong Gulch, while the fourth phase will add to the Arathi Basin. The fifth round of Warcraft classics will make Blizzard not change PvP, but the sixth phase will bring the world PvP goal to Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus. The above is the general content of this update, adding a lot of links that did not appear before, I wonder if you are excited about Buy WOW Gold Classic this?

    There is only one problem: Blizzard has not determined the timing of these stages. It is not clear how long it will take to stay at a given stage. However, no matter when they give the final deadline, they will not let the player wait too long, and eventually, they will deliver the most satisfactory results to the player.