Path of Exile 3.6.4 - visual improvement

  • It can be said that the most important aspect of the patch, like visual/performance enhancements, focuses on the appearance of certain skills. Specifically, Frostbolt, Frost Bomb, Magma Orb, Melting Strike, Summon Flames and Swirls, this update greatly enhances the animation effect of the game.

    Similarly, Grinding Gear Games has improved a variety of monster skills, appearance, and distribution throughout the map. This update will be very different from the previous one, so players can experience games different from Buy POE Currency the past.

    At the same time, the rest of the graphical specific updates are as follows:

    Improved performance of Doomcrow Portal effect microtransactions
    Use Sambodhi's vows to renew the artwork
    Use Seraph Spirit Wings micro-transaction to increase brightness when viewed from Buy POE Items behind the smoothness as they look darker than expected
    The memory stabilizer is slightly increased near the monster, and the monster cannot be generated.
    Once the package is killed, the graphics effect will be removed from the Monster Lines modifier.
    Monsters from Azurite Mine still can't have Lightning Warp Heralds in the Obelisk Bloodlines modifier

    These are the main content of this update. In general, the game has undergone a large-scale improvement in visual effects, which is beneficial to players to a large extent.