Since its launch, MapleStory 2 has awakened the summer with the

  • The highly acclaimed MMORPG MapleStory 2 today launches the highly anticipated Awakening extension update via Nexon Launcher and Steam. Large-scale content updates provide players with melee mode, increase level caps, add limits to all levels, introduce new chaos attacks and hard dungeons and unlock Lapenta's areas, including upgrade weapons. Give players the most powerful equipment in the game!

    The amazing striker level applies to the fearless kick and boxing combination in melee. All players will get a free character slot and start using the Striker! Besides, MapleStory 2 increases the level cap from 60 to 70, allowing players to Maplestory M Mesos help improve their skills. All players will also gain the ability to unlock Level 2 skills, extending the power of all courses.

    The last and many exciting ones will be the emerging areas that are coming soon, with four underground cities that are more challenging than Chaos Raids. With the introduction of new areas, modern customizable skill systems use Lapenshards. Lapenshards can be a unique gem in three colors, introducing a new range of passive and active skills that players can customize to unlock their full power. By successfully challenging the dungeon, finding the final location, and completing the challenge, players will also receive the new Level 60 Ascendant gear.

    Besides, players who join before June 26 will receive his or her first role as the Striker Daily Wonder. Players who log in Buy MS M Mesos every day get more items, such as Canola Bonito ground mounts, floating lotus air mounts, precious weapon skins, and character skins.

    By June 26th, Maplers, with its new role, will receive three upgrades during the summer burning campaign and will receive new equipment at level 60 to meet future challenges.