MapleStory M introduces three new resource manager classes

  • Updates include new classroom growth support events and Lunar New Year celebrations!
    Los Angeles - Free massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android. MapleStory M brings new content updates, bringing many new materials to players, including device-enhanced features, resource manager changes, and more.

    Starting today, players can explore Maple World with Maplestory Mobile Mesos three new unique browser characters. This includes the role of the thief, the use of daggers to cause melee attacks, the use of "two-handed swords" and "hand axes", the most powerful weapon against enemies, and Arch Mage (Ice) / lightning), using ice and fire in the magical world Use as a weapon to attack enemies.

    Besides, you can find new course growth support events and Lunar New Year celebrations to give players rewards.
    To celebrate the golden year of the Pig, the special Lunar New Year event will be mmoah held from February 1st to February 10th. Players will receive gold pig caps, panic organizations and special pet packs.

    MapleStory M was launched globally on July 24, 2018, bringing the popular MMORPG MapleStory's nostalgic world to the mobile, offering a large number of custom, immersive storylines, and epic boss attacks, fans from epic expected franchises. MapleStory M has been available for global player downloads.